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3 min readMar 19, 2021
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Like any good fairy tale will demonstrate, heroes are nothing without villains.

(For starters, if you have to ask who the heroes are in The Golden Girls, allow us to direct you to The Golden Girls Starter Kit.)

But like with any good 80s sitcom, The Golden Girls made A LOT of enemies over their seven-season run.

This post is a little teaser of the appreciation of the wretched side characters who drive the plot forward with their scheming and antagonizing, and who never seem to get the recognition they deserve.

Here are a few highlights from the complete ranked list of the evildoers of The Golden Girls in order of their indiscretions:

Don the inspector from The Golden Girls

The list starts off with Don, a city inspector who comes to know that Blanche is illegally renting to three people when her home is only zoned for two. He threatens to report the girls, even after Blanche extends a friendly invitation to her new hot tub. Sure, he’s just doing his job, but a narc is narc.

Daisy from The Golden Girls

If we move a bit further down the list, we’ll find Daisy, the sadistic little Sunshine Cadet who tortures Rose’s teddy bear while she holds him for ransom. This tiny devil is played by none other than The Voyager herself, Jenny Lewis, who parodies the episode in the video for her song She’s Not Me.

As we continue our descent into evil a la Dante, we find the men who cheated, the sisters they cheated with, doctors and professors who commit sexual misconduct from their respective pulpits, thieves, mob guys, an Anti-Semite, and it all culminates with the worst of the worst — two men who brought nothing of value to the world, and coincidentally, who were kicked to the curb by Devereaux Women™.

Jeremy from The Golden Girls

The runner-up for worst person ever to be featured on The Golden Girls is Jeremy. Becky’s body-shaming, fatphobic, sexist, loser boyfriend who had no business shining Rebecca’s shoes, let alone marrying her.

Rex Huntington from The Golden Girls

And the award for most vile character on the best sitcom of the 1980s goes to… Rex Huntington! Blanche’s physically and emotionally boyfriend who makes even the fatal blossom herself question her self-worth. There are versions of Rex all around (like our most recent former President, for example) and as this show demonstrates, the world would be a better place without these misogynistic sleazeballs.

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